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Electronics- / Electromechanics-Systems- / Controls / Components, Semiconductor-Technology, LED, LCD, Illumination-Technology, Digitization, IoT, M2M, A.I., Digital Control Systems, Sensors, VideoTech, Visualization, Automotive, Aviation, Marine, RADAR, Radio, Detection, Radiogeophysics, Nautics- / Avionics- / GPS-Systems, Cam-Systems, Industry- / Building-Automation, Building- and Measurement Tech, Energy-Systems, Recycling-/ Cleaning- Systems, Environmental Tech, Filtration, Mining, Oil & Gas, Fluid-Technologies, Heat Exchanger, Cooling Filter Systems, Solar Hot Water / PV, Drive-Tech, Pumps, Turbins, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Compressors, Compressed Air, Packaging Tech, Plant Construction and Engineering, Tools, Bolting & Torque Systems, Surface Tech, Moulds- / Injection Moulding- / Casting- / Foundry Tech, NC- /- CNC Tech, Plastics, Composites, Sealings, Chemicals, HORECA, FMCG, F&B Im,- Export, Retail, Warehouse, Logistics, with our Global B2B/C-Services we will gladly meet your customized needs! 


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